A Philosophy is Born | Addiction is a medical condition not a moral failure.

Schick Shadel Hospital’s founder, Charles A. Shadel, pioneered many of the treatments for alcoholism we use today. He developed the counter conditioning treatment program for substance abuse, and in 1935 he opened up a colonial mansion, with a homelike atmosphere for people who were considered society’s alcoholic outcasts.

Mr. Shadel believed that there was nothing inherently wrong with alcoholics. Rather, alcohol was the problem. His philosophy rejected that there was something wrong with the alcoholic’s mind, and focused on dysfunctions in the body. He viewed alcoholism as a drug addiction, and with Dr. Walter Voegtlin, a Seattle gastroenterologist, he created a safe way to avert alcoholics from alcohol.

The work of Shadel Hospital in Seattle continued quietly and effectively until 1964, when then-chairman and CEO of the Schick Safety Razor Company, Patrick J. Frawley Jr., checked into the facility. After just his first day, Frawley said he was freed from the desire to drink, freedom that lasted even months later.

Schick Safety Razor Company formed Schick Laboratories Inc. with Frawley as chairman in 1965, and it purchased the Shadel Hospital, investing $6 million in researching habit formation. The research, under the direction of Schick Shadel Hospital’s Chief of Staff, James W. Smith, M.D., resulted in a program for nicotine addiction. Programs for cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, prescription opioids, and heroin were later developed by the Schick Shadel clinicians.

For more than 80 years Schick Shadel Hospital (SSH) has been committed to providing a supportive and compassionate environment and the highest level of patient care and satisfaction to the diverse population we serve. SSH embraces patients of different race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, and marital status with an effective, unique, and proven medical treatment for people with substance use disorders to help them live a clean and sober life.

Download this brochure and forward to a friend or loved one. We invite you to share Schick Shadel’s 80 year history in helping treat addiction and restoring lives.