Schick Shadel’s Aversion Therapy Treatment & Counter Conditioning

Alcohol and drugs create deceptive feelings of well-being, and aversion therapy does the opposite.  The result is a lack of concern for and confidence in other areas of life, compounded by physical dependence on the substance, make people give up their most basic needs. Schick Shadel Hospital has scientific evidence that proves our method of treatment works. Aversion therapy treatment helps remove these cravings.

Scientific Evidence that Schick Shadel’s Treatment Works!

Functional MRI scans taken before and after four treatment showed significant changes in the brain that highlight the patient’s addictive cravings. 69% of participating patients reported still being sober 12 months after treatment.

The Schick Shadel Team

Our team embraces patients of different race, religion, color, and gender. We embrace sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, and marital status. With our effective, unique and proven medical treatment for people with substance use disorders to help them live a clean and sober life.

The History of Schick Shadel Hospital

For more than 80 years Schick Shadel Hospital (SSH) has been committed to providing a supportive and compassionate environment. We hold the highest level of patient care and satisfaction to the diverse population we serve.

Pat O’Day’s Lecture on Addiction