What to Bring

It’s very important to bring in all medicine in original prescription bottles

  • No open over the counter medicines are accepted. Please bring in only sealed over the counter medications in their original bottles. Please bring the amount you will need for your stay.
  • No vitamins or supplements. We will provide vitamins as necessary based upon the evaluation by our medical staff.

All patients should bring a legal photo ID. If you are using medical insurance, please bring your medical insurance card or any paperwork with your insurance information. If you belong to a union or are military personnel, bring your union card or military ID.


  • We provide hospital scrubs and robes, which patients are required to wear while in detox and treatment. Street clothes are not permitted, so you will not need more than what you wear into the facility on your first day and what you will go home in after your treatment.
  • You will need to bring undergarments. We can do laundry for you, but it is suggested that you bring 10 – 13 sets of undergarments to use during your stay.
  • In addition to the street shoes you wear when you admit, we suggest packing a pair of slippers, sandals or flip-flops so you have something comfortable to wear when walking around inside the hospital.
  • If you plan to use the exercise equipment, please bring tennis shoes or sneakers.


We suggest leaving jewelry and large amounts of cash at home. We will provide a lock and locker for your items, but if you don’t need it while you are here, it should be left at home.


  • While basic toiletries are available upon request, we recommend you bring the items that you regularly use to make your stay more comfortable.
  • We suggest patients bring their own pillows, which may be more comfortable than our standard hospital-issued pillow with a plastic liner.
  • No mouthwash, or anything with alcohol
  • We suggest travel size products only due to space available.

Prescriptions and Vitamins

Any prescription medications and vitamins must be in the original bottle or container, and the correct amount must be previously filled for your entire stay. Prescription medication must have the current pharmacy label with the doctor’s name and telephone number, and vitamins must have the original label.

Cell Phones, Laptops, and Electronic Devices

  • You may bring your cell phone. Don’t forget to bring your charger.
  • We have Wi-Fi throughout the hospital, so you may bring a laptop or notebook computer. Don’t forget your power cord.
  • You may bring personal work or studies to do in your spare time, but this cannot interfere with your treatment.
  • You may bring DVDs to watch in your room or the lounge in your spare time. We do have a small selection of DVDs that can be checked-out.
  • You may bring books and magazines to read. Again, we have a small library with a general selection of books, magazines and newspapers for patients to read.