Dr. Erick Davis

Dr. Erick Davis

Medical Director

Dr Davis has evaluated, diagnosed and/or treated over twenty-five  thousand persons with substance use disorders during a 36 year career as an addiction medicine specialist, both in the ambulatory and inpatient settings.  For a total of 14 consecutive years he was Medical Director for two, private for profit hospitals that treat persons with substance use disorders.

Dr Davis was originally certified by ASAM in 1986, maintained this certification throughout his clinical career, and subsequently was ABAM certified in 2012.  Dr Davis ABAM certification is now recognized by ABMS and he is therefore certified in Addiction Medicine by the ABMS Preventive Medicine sub-board in Addiction Medicine.  Dr Davis also is recognized by ASAM as a Fellow and Diplomate. Dr Davis is currently licensed to practice medicine in the state of Washington.

Dr Davis MPH special interest is preventive psychiatry.  As a Fulbright Professional Awardee, Dr Davis developed a pilot demonstration substance use prevention program for the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) and oversaw the execution of this program in one GCC member state.  This program was later exported to several other GCC member states under his supervision. Dr Davis is ABMS certified in Preventive Medicine and Public Health.

Dr Davis has been Secretary/Treasurer for the Washington Society of Addiction Medicine (WSAM) for a two year term ending March 2015.  He has been President of WSAM for the past two years ending in March 2017.

Currently, Dr Davis is the Medical Director of Schick Shadel Hospital and consults nationally.