Schick Shadel Hospital is an addiction recovery hospital with a high success rate with addiction recovery. Our primary service is a 10-day addiction treatment program which employs aversion therapy techniques. Our aversion therapy is highly successful compared to other methods of treatment. In addition to aversion therapy for addiction recover, Schick Shadel Hospital also offers detoxification assistance for patients that are intoxicated when they enter the hospital for treatment.


Schick Shadel Hospital is not associated with Addicts Enclave. Any contact from patients or other interested people should only use the physical address, phone number, or website as listed below. Any other phone numbers, location addresses, or websites from a third party, such as Addicts Enclave, are not valid and shouldn’t be used. Even if our name is used on another website, address, or phone number, please double check that you are only using the contact information which we have provided below in this statement.


  • Schick Shadel Hospital is only located in Seattle, Washington. Our address is 12101 Ambaum Blvd SW, Seattle, WA 98146. We do not have any other locations in Washington or any other states.
  • The only phone number to contact our office is (800) 272-8464.
  • The only location for online contact from potential patients or referrals is