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Schick Shadel is an amazing hospital with amazing staff. I have been sober for 3 years and I couldn't have done it without their help. Not only did treatment help me gain back my control over a craving that controlled my life, but their wholistic approach to counseling, education and developing a community ensures that sobriety remains a constant in my life and will always be a constant in my life. Since leaving Schick, I have excelled in my career, my family life, and finances. The Schick team helped put me in contact with an amazing psychiatrist that has a background in addiction, they maintain a social network that helps me with peers that understand where I'm coming from. I always recommend the treatment at Schick over any other treatment center, as I know the treatment works.


BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! I was hopeless and my body could no longer function from alcohol abuse. I had been through the standard 28 day treatment plans so many times that I was known by first name when I eventually returned for help yet again. None worked and I resolved that I was going to die from drinking.
The program at Schick did exactly as they said, I gave them 10 days and they gave me my life back. The biggest thing for me was that I have never experienced a craving for alcohol since stepping foot in their doors. Alcohol simply became a thing of my past.
I have been booze free for over 7 years and have never been happier. Thank you Schick for giving hope to the hopeless and helping when I was helpless. Forever grateful!!


I graduated almost 3 years ago. They saved my life. I had tried many times before, but always started again within a few weeks. Now I don't even think about alcohol until it's around me. The desire is not there. I am so thankful for the help abd the ability to think clearly again. It definitely works!


I can't believe that 6 months later I still have no desire to drink. I was skeptical of the treatment but knew that traditional treatment was not likely to work for me. I do not crave, need, nor want alcohol at all!! It is amazing!! Schick seriously saved my life!! The food is amazing and the staff is very caring and so nice. I recommend anybody struggling with alcoholism to give this a try because it seriously works!! Life is amazing when your brain is not clouded with darkness!! Thank you to the moon and back!!


I am so grateful for SS giving me back my life. It's an AMAZING treatment with the most wonderful caring staff. If you are struggling please go check out SSH, IT WORKS!!!!!


2 years ago to the day I walked in terrified not knowing what to expect but knowing I needed help with my drinking. The program works! To this day I have no cravings and have a great life. If I can do it anybody that wants to stop can with the great staff they have there.


I was at Schick Shadel in Burian WA several years ago. I believe my treatment there saved my life. I was sinking further and further into heavier and more frequent drinking. I was a "closet" drinker and hid my problem for over 20 years. I had tried AA and stopped for a few years but I found AA and it's 12 step program difficult. The staff at Schick are great and the use of aversion therapy, counseling, group therapy, and science based approach to curing addiction really worked for me. My aversion to alcohol is still strong. It may not work for everyone, but when your life is on the line, you have to be willing to try everything.