Are You Suffering From Xanax Addiction?

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The terms “xanny bars,” “zanies,” and “planks” are becoming increasingly popular. Each of these terms refers to Xanax bars which are pill-sized tablets that can be broken down and taken in varying doses. Xanax is usually prescribed for those who suffer from anxiety. Those who have never struggled with addiction before run the risk of falling victim to this powerful drug because it tends to ease anxiety symptoms quickly. Because the relief is so noticeable a person may increase their dose to feel even better. This can cause the body to become addicted to the substance, or experience withdrawal if they attempt to taper off of it.

The Scary Truth About Xanax

The prevalence and availability of Xanax makes it easier for anyone to fall victim to addiction. College students, teens, or others will often gain access from family or friends who have been prescribed the medication. It does not take long to become reliant on the drug. A significant contributing factor with addiction is that the body builds up a tolerance to the drug. This makes it become less effective over time. This heightens the need to increase the dose to maintain the same level of effect.

It is important to understand the serious side effects and consequences that accompany the continual use of Xanax. Long-term use of Xanax can lead to:

  • The brain malfunctioning when not under the influence of Xanax
  • Issues with emotional responses, thought processes, memory, and consciousness
  • Heightened likelihood of depression and suicide
  • Difficulty with muscle coordination

Each of these issues can take a significant toll on everyday responsibilities which lead to trouble with work, family, and friends. It is nearly impossible to recover without professional help from Xanax addiction. Withdrawal symptoms may include seizures, insomnia, and anxiety. It is crucial to seek the proper medical attention to detox and overcome an addiction to Xanax.

Where to Turn for Help

Schick Shadel Hospital is a specialized drug and alcohol rehab hospital and has been treating patients for drug and alcohol addiction since 1935. Over 85,000 individuals have been able to reclaim their lives through Schick Shadel Hospital’s scientifically proven treatments. It is the only drug and alcohol rehab hospital in the U.S. that utilizes Aversion Therapy. It is the most successful and safe rehabilitation program available and is covered by many major insurances. To learn more about the 10-day drug and alcohol detox program, CLICK HERE. Give us 10 days and we’ll give you back your life, by being addiction-free!

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