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New Study Shows How Aversion Therapy Helps People Fight Alcoholism

By October 31, 2017 August 24th, 2020 No Comments
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The University of Washington (UW) recently released the results of a study looking into the effectiveness of Schick Shadel’s counter conditioning treatment method, and found that it is extremely effective in combating alcoholism.

Q13 News spoke with a woman who underwent treatment and remains sober for five years.

“It absolutely saved my life, I don’t think I had the willpower to do it without Schick Shadel,” Robin, the woman featured in the news report said. “It wasn’t a pleasant experience as far as treatments go but the overall experience was pretty amazing.”

While our team here at Schick Shadel has known for decades just how effective our alcoholism treatment methods are, as well as all our treatments and detox, this is the first time any major research has been done to put an exact figure on how well our counter conditioning method works.

“What we found was significant reduction in craving-related brain activity after they completed the treatment,” UW Medicine Radiology and Engineering scientist Hunter Hoffman said. “The statistical significance of this was off the scale.”

According to the UW research team, 69 percent of the people included in the study remained sober one year after participating in the study.

Not only does Robin report feeling better and happier now than she ever has before, she was able to remain sober even after being in the crowd in Las Vegas during the October 1 shooting that killed 58 people and injured another 546. She told Q13 News that trauma like that would have pushed her to drink in the past, but not anymore.

At Shick Shadel Hospital, we are committed to working with people struggling to break free from their addictions in order to find a drug and alcoholism treatment and reclaim control of their lives. Over the past 80 plus years, we have helped more than 68,000 people achieve sobriety, and continue to work with people every day. Call us at (800) 272-8464 to speak with one of our staff members today, or fill out our online form to send us a confidential message.

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