Spirit of Recovery

Driven to Give Patients a New Life

Spirit of Recovery is designed by our patient services department to aid all patients on their road to recovery post-discharge. This program offers help with identifying support groups in your area and provides free training to Schick Shadel graduates interested in facilitating a new group or co-facilitating a previously established group within the local community. Once training is complete, we offer assistance in launching new support groups. We also encourage participation in our evening support groups at Schick Shadel—either in person or via conference call.

Recovery is a process. A strong group of peers will pave a much smoother road, and we want to share in that journey. Please call or email our Patient Services team with any questions.

80 Years of Innovative Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Our detoxification treatment program provides comprehensive medical care:

  • Assessment of medical issues that may impact the detox process
  • Administration of medications to alleviate symptoms
  • Nutritional care and monitoring
  • Evaluation of any ongoing needs following detox

Learn more about our recovery services and other support we offer to our patients by
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