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May the Light Be With You

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Schick Shadel Patient Perspective Alcoholism

The other day I was talking to Schick Shadel Hospital’s Director of Nursing, Maritza Pascarella. I asked
her if working at Schick was worth the move across country from New York City and she replied that yes,
it was. She went on to say how much she enjoyed “…seeing the look in the patients’ eyes as the light
comes back on—seeing them in the process of becoming the people they were meant to be. When I
meet them again at their 30 and 90-day recaps, they look so healthy and optimistic, it brings tears to my
When I sit in on Schick’s weekly patient meetings, I hear them talk about how different they feel, how
they know this is going to work for them. The word “clear” is the way they most commonly describe
their feelings. These are often patients who have tried multiple programs before coming here. They are
enthusiastic and hopeful. It is uplifting— joyful even—to see and hear.
That’s how I felt too. Hopeful. Before coming to Schick, I tried so many things to get and stay sober, to
end my binge-drinking career. My light had gone out long ago. I despaired over ever getting the monkey
off my back. Thought I’d end up dying young like my two brothers who died in their forties only ten
short months apart. But before I left my ten-day treatment, I realized I felt different–I was confident this
treatment was going to work for me! Had Maritza been there at the time, I might have been one of
those people she would have seen on the road to becoming who I was meant to be. And she would have
been right.
Whatever program you choose, may the light come back on for you…

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