As Many As 20 Seattle Pain Center Providers Suspended

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The opioid epidemic is on the rise and some medical professionals aren’t helping the crisis, they are fueling it.  The repercussions following the Washington state Medical Commission barring Dr. Frank Li from practicing medicine are only continuing to pile up. Dr. Frank Li is just one of many doctors feeding the opioid crisis.

The state Labor & Industries (L&I) department network has suspended up to 20 medical professionals who have worked for the Seattle Pain Centers following their investigation into Dr. Li. L&I has not yet released the names of the suspended doctors.

On top of the increasing number of suspensions, the family of one of the patients cited in the state Medical Commission’s report of 18 opioid overdoses allegedly tied to Dr. Li’s failure to properly monitor prescription use has sued Dr. Li, 10 medical professionals working for the Seattle Pain Centers, and Seattle Pain Centers itself.

Mallory Rosas died on January 12, 2011 of a methadone overdose mere days after filling a prescription written by Dr. Li according to state investigators. The complaint, filed by her brother Joel Rosas, states that the defendants breached their duties to Rosas, including:

“Failing to properly, adequately and timely monitor, manage, assess, treat, refer, and consult, regarding Mallory Jean Rosas’s medical conditions and medication prescriptions; failing to properly inform Mallory Jean Rosas of the material risks to their approach to treatment; failing to properly obtain Mallory Jean Rosas’s informed consent to treatment; and otherwise failing to render the necessary care that Mallory Jean Rosas required.”

Rosas initially sought treatment at Seattle Pain Centers for musculoskeletal knee pain initially caused by a high school injury, and reinjured after she slipped and fell on ice while at work. She reportedly visited Seattle Pain Centers on 11 separate occasions in the year leading up to her death where she was provided prescriptions for Norco, oxycodone, and methadone.

Rosas was just one of 18 people whose overdose deaths are potentially tied to Dr. Li. Investigations into his practices began in 2013, leading to his suspension on July 14, 2016. Following the suspensions of so many medical professionals, more than 8,000 patients prescribed opiates through Seattle Pain Centers are still looking for a new place to receive their necessary medical care.

Addiction to opiates threatens the health and lives of more Americans than ever. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), deaths caused by prescription painkiller overdoses nearly quadrupled between 1999 and 2014. At Schick Shadel Hospital, our proven counter conditioning treatment has been helping patients fight back and reclaim control of their lives for over 80 years. Send us a confidential message through our ‘Contact Us’ page, or give us a call at (800) 272-8464. Give us 10 days, and we’ll give you your life back

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