Overcoming the Opioid Epidemic

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Overcoming the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic has been a growing problem in thousands of unsuspecting American households throughout the country. Opioid addiction does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone regardless of their background. What might start off innocent can quickly turn into a daily struggle, and battle for one’s life.

A common scenario goes like this. Tom is a successful businessman who is liked by many. He loves his wife, children, and has many life goals that he wants to achieve. Things seemed to be going well for him until he was in an automobile accident where he suffered several injuries. He went through surgeries, physical therapy, and was prescribed pain medications so that he could manage the discomfort. The pain medication became addictive, and what was once used as a pain reducer, became a constant need. The addiction started consuming his life and negatively impacting his work, family, friends, and ability to function. He knew he needed help but was not sure where to turn, who to talk to, and if he would be able to gain his life back.

Tom’s story is not unique. Approximately 10% of individuals that misuse opioid prescriptions become addicted to the opioid. Roughly 2.1 million Americans have an opioid use disorder. Some people feel ashamed about their addiction and are embarrassed to ask for help. However, there are solutions and there is hope!

The Struggle Is Real but There Is Hope

People often try to overcome opioid addiction with sure will power. They get frustrated when they cannot stop. They lose hope and wonder if they will be able to overcome the addiction. The good news is that recovery is possible. There are safe opioid addiction recovery programs that individuals can engage in to reclaim their life and overcome opioid addiction. Schick Shadel Hospital, a specialized drug rehab hospital, has been treating patients for opioid addiction for 85 years. It is the only drug rehab hospital in the U.S. that utilizes Aversion Therapy. It is the most successful and safe drug rehabilitation program available and is covered by many major insurances. To learn more about our safe alcohol detox program or opioid addiction program, CLICK HEREGive us 10 days and we will give you back your life, addiction-free!


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