A Doctor’s Prescriptions Tied to Overdose Deaths That Started Years Ago

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Revelations about Dr. Frank D. Li’s alleged wrongdoings have continued to come out following the Washington state Medical Commission’s decision to bar him from practicing medicine on July 14. According to The Seattle Times, health officials were warned about Li’s connection to possible opioid overdose deaths between 2010 and 2015. The Seattle Times reviewed government records, and discovered that warnings of Li’s possible involvement with overdose deaths were sent to health officials over a year ago. Health officials were also told that Labor & Industries Department officials blocked Li from prescribing for the state worker’s compensation program three years ago after they found evidence tying his clinics responsible for two patients having an opioid overdose, including one fatality.

Labor & Industries medical director Dr. Gary Franklin told the Seattle Times that Li’s denial was reported to other state regulators back in 2013 during an interagency meeting. Along with this denial, 13 complaints were filed with the Medical Commission since 2010. When asked about the delayed response to the complaints, the Medical Commission’s executive director, Melanie de Leon responded in an email, saying:

“I’m sure from the outside it seems like a long time to investigate such a serious situation, and because of the severity of the allegations we had to make sure we had a solid case, including allowing Dr. Li his legally required due process — which does take time.”

According to the Seattle Pain Centers’ website, Dr. Adam Burkey has been named as its new medical director. With a new director in place, the pain centers may not close, which is good news to patients who rely on medication to manage their pain.

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