Pennsylvania Nurse Charged With Writing Over 50 Prescriptions for Friends and Family

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A nurse practitioner from Jeannette, PA was charged with writing 52 fraudulent prescriptions for friends and family, some of which were written as far back as 2014. None of these people were under her care at the time she wrote their prescriptions for stimulants and painkillers.

Investigators from the state Attorney General’s office, the Westmoreland County Drug Task Force and the North Huntingdon Police Department worked together to discover the nurse’s actions after workers expressed concern over suspicious activity at a doctor’s office. According to North Huntingdon Detective Kirk Youngstead, the workers contacted police after noticing suspicious activity on the schedule two narcotic reports on one of their patients.

The nurse was arraigned on Tuesday, February 7 in five different criminal cases, and was released on a $50,000 unsecured bond.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, she gave out prescriptions for two stimulants and painkillers. One of the people the nurse gave a prescription to was a coworker, another was a friend and two were members of her family. During her arraignment, the nurse stated that she did not know the fifth person named, and did not write them a prescription. According to her former employer, Heartland Hospice, the nurse is no longer employed there.

“We understand that a former employee was arrested for writing prescriptions. The incident was unrelated to the care and services Heartland provides and did not affect any patients. We cooperated with the authorities during their investigation,” Heartland Hospice spokeswoman Kelly Kessler said. “We take any allegations of inappropriate behavior seriously and have zero tolerance for any abuse of the system. The nurse is no longer associated with Heartland.”

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