3 Reasons Why a Drug Rehab Hospital Can Save Your Life

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3 Reasons Why a Drug Rehab Hospital Can Save Your Life

Opioid drug addiction does not discriminate. This type of drug addiction affects people from all walks of life. Often it starts with a prescription for pain control. The use of the drug is well-intended and meant to provide relief. However, drug use can quickly turn into more. Up to 29% of patients that were prescribed an opioid for pain management have misused them. This misuse too often turns into an addiction.

Opioid overdose prematurely takes 128 lives every day, which adds up to 46,720 deaths per year. It causes $78.9 billion of economic destruction annually. However, this does not take into account the lost dreams, aspirations, and broken relationships that occur because of addiction and overdose. The devastation, loss of control, and havoc opioid abuse causes cannot be fully grasped. Individuals who feel the grip of opioid addiction want relief. They want their life back but do not know how to break loose of the addiction or where to turn. If you or a loved one are struggling with opioid abuse, here are three reasons why a drug rehab hospital can save your life.

#1 A Drug Rehab Hospital Gives You the Ability to Say “No” to Opioids

Many people try to beat drug addiction on their own. This can be nearly impossible to do because of the way the brain and body react to opioids. Drug rehab hospitals use proven scientific research and medical approaches to counteract addiction. Aversion therapy is one of the ways opioid addiction is overcome. This technique has been medically proven to retrain the brain and stop the addictive cravings of opioids. Specially trained physicians and medical staff are there to help the patients. They provide not only physical support but mental and emotional help as well. They have the educational background to understand what individuals are battling, and compassionately fight alongside their patients to defeat the opioid addiction. In as little as ten days, our extensive drug addiction relief program will help patients reclaim their life and say “No” to opioids!

#2 A Drug Rehab Hospital Allows You to Reclaim Your Health

Opioid addiction is destructive to one’s health. Common side effects are feeling confused, drowsy, nauseous, constipated, and euphoric. A significant health risk is slowed breathing. This can lead to hypoxia, which is insufficient oxygen flow to the brain. Low oxygen flow to the brain can cause neurological effects, psychological effects, brain damage, coma, and death. Women that take opioids while they are pregnant can experience low birth weight in the child, miscarriage, and the child can be born with opioid dependence. Individuals do not need to be enslaved by addiction and have their health hindered by opioids. There is hope! Drug rehab hospitals give their patients medical strategies and treatment that will free them from the grip of drug addiction.

#3 Rebuilds your relationships loved ones and friends

Struggling with drug addiction not only impacts the individual but their loved ones and friends. It is difficult for an individual to have healthy relationships and fully function in their career when their mind and body is suffering from the side effects of opioid addiction. This leads to issues within the workplace that often result in financial strain. Relationships are plagued with communication problems, mistrust, and lead to broken relationships. This does not have to occur, and there are answers that drug rehab hospitals provide to help individuals regain their relationships, careers, and lives.

Self-Detox from Opioids Often Fails

People often try to self-detox from opioids and get frustrated when they cannot stop. They lose hope and feel as though they will never win. There are safe drug detox programs that individuals can engage in to get their life back on track and overcome opioid addiction. Schick Shadel Hospital, a specialized drug rehab hospital, has been treating patients for drug addiction for 85 years. It is the only drug rehab hospital in the U.S. that utilizes Aversion Therapy. An independent study published by the University of Washington found that 69% of our patients were still sober 12 months after treatment. It is the most successful and safe drug rehabilitation program available and is covered by many major insurances. To learn more about our Safe drug detox program, CLICK HERE. Give us 10 days and we will give you back your life, addiction-free!



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