Available Opioid Treatment Limited by Funding

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Opioid Treatment for Limited Funding

A new article in The Seattle Times details the tragedy that is opioid addiction. It labels it as a national tragedy, as well as a tragedy in the state of Washington. In the state of Washington, there have been countless individuals who have become victim to fatal opioid overdoses. However, the epidemic is something that has become more news related because the celebrity list of those who have died because of opioid overdoses.

Unfortunately, it may be too late for those who lose their lives due to opioid overdoses. It’s important for those currently dealing with addiction to know that there are options to make things better. At Schick Shadel, we have helped see this become a reality with more than 80,000 people helped in our over 80 years of operation. The belief in The Seattle Times article is that the access and acceptance of treatment should be increased, and addiction should be recognized for what it is: a medical condition that causes a lot of people to relapse.

The social stigma with regard to addiction is that someone who is addicted to opioids has failed in one way or another. The public should not recognize them in this manner; rather, they should acknowledge that addiction is more like a brain disease and the only way to stabilize them is through proper treatment. Instead of shaming these individuals, we must recognize that they are going through a troublesome time and their abilities to break an addiction are limited. Unfortunately, the funding involved doesn’t make it easier for addicts to receive the help they need.

In Washington and all throughout the United States, there are numerous publicly funded treatment centers and rehab centers. Sometimes, though, the waiting lists to get into the program often require addicts to wait months before they are able to get the help they need. So while effective treatment is available, there are limits that make it more difficult for addicted individuals to get the help they often need. It is important that we as drug addiction treatment centers remain accessible in order to help prevent the opioid overdose epidemic.

Our counter conditioning treatment method has proven effective time and time again. We understand that treatment can be difficult and it can make an addict hesitant to seek help. They must take into account, though, that there are countless benefits to taking the next step and getting treatment. We also recognize that our work is not done. There are many more addicts throughout Washington and throughout the entire nation who are struggling with opioid addictions. These types of issues can take over every aspect of your life and leave you wondering what to do next.

At Schick Shadel, we strive to help everyone in need of drug addiction treatment. You should be able to continue in life without the concerns of addiction weighing down on you. Before you reach the lowest point, take action to turn your life around. You don’t have to be another addition to the growing statistic involving deaths caused by opioid overdose. Our counter conditioning treatment works. It’s worked for countless others and we can make it work for you.

Our job doesn’t end there. One of the biggest problems with drug addiction treatment programs is relapse. Many people may go back to using the drug not long after leaving treatment. This is why ongoing support after sobriety is achieved is of the utmost importance. This is what we do at Schick Shadel and people who have come through our program are so successful. Call us today. You give us 10 days, and we’ll give you back your life

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