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National Sober Day

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National Sober Day

National Sober Day

‘National Sober Day’ has been proclaimed as a new holiday that is observed on Saturday, September 14th!1 National Sober Day is a part of National Recovery Month, which is sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA).2 It is meant to encourage people to celebrate a better quality of life that comes from staying sober. For the millions of Americans that have struggled with alcohol addiction at some point in the past, National Sober Day is about renewing your commitment to staying sober. For the millions of people that are currently struggling with addiction, National Sober Day can be the start of recovery. Try to spend the day sober.

Although it sounds simple to just spend the day sober, that can be a challenge if you’re struggling with alcohol addiction. You could start by finding some recipes for popular mocktails and plan some fun activities with friends and family. Enjoy the day and remove alcohol from the equation!

If you have a close friend or family member that struggles with alcohol addiction, take some time to encourage them. Knowing that someone else cares can make a world of difference. Even something simple like a text or short phone call can help fuel your loved one’s motivation to be sober.

Why Do We Have a National Sober Day?

Alcohol is one of the top six most difficult addictions to quit. With more than 17 million American adults currently suffering alcohol use disorder (AUD), it’s the most widely abused psychoactive and addictive substance in the U.S.3 Alcohol abuse wreaks devastation on families and communities nationwide. About 88,000 deaths per year are caused by alcohol. In 2016, 10,497 people died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes. On top of that, thousands of cancer deaths in the U.S. every year are related to alcohol.4

While these statistics about the impact of alcohol abuse are significant, there are many more people who safely consume alcohol on a regular basis. Drinking in moderation won’t likely lead to addiction. It’s easy to say that you’re always in control and assume that those terrible things won’t happen to you. But part of the idea behind National Sober Day is to raise awareness about the prevalence of alcohol abuse. No one who drinks is totally immune to the possibility of developing AUD. None of the people that have experienced the tragedy that alcoholism can bring ever meant to get addicted. Always be self-aware and in control of your drinking!

How Can You Help Someone with Alcohol Use Disorder?

Knowing exactly how to help a loved one who has AUD can be tricky. You can’t force them to stop drinking, but it’s also hard to watch from the sideline as they struggle. Pick the right time and place to approach your loved one about their problem. Opening with honesty and compassion about your concern for them may help create a relationship of trust as they try to make changes. There’s a possibility that the person will respond with denial or anger. Don’t take it personally, just give them time and space. Always be supportive and ready to listen.5

When someone is ready to overcome their alcohol addiction, Schick Shadel Hospital is ready to help. If needed, our medical detox service will ensure that patients have a safe and relatively comfortable recovery from withdrawal symptoms. After that, our 10-day aversion therapy treatment will remove the craving for alcohol that is at the core of addiction. As of 2019, Schick Shadel hospital has treated over 88,000 people for their addictions. Many of them remain averse to alcohol and enjoy the freedom of sobriety for the rest of their lives!

We hope you have a happy National Sober Day. Enjoy the day and stay sober!



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