Washington State Drug Bust Connected to Mexican Drug Cartel

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gun man lights downtown backpack with words Washington State Drug Bust Connected to Mexican Cartel

Luis Venancio Cueto-Ruiz, a Mexican Cartel drug distributor, met up with an undercover Washington State police officer to a drug and weapon exchange. Luis told the officer he worked for “El Mayo” Zambada, the leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel. He explained that if anything went wrong with the exchange, the cartel would kill him. On December 14th 2016, Luis Venancio Cueto-Ruiz came to exchange the drugs for the weapons with his brother Leonardo Cueto-Ruiz. The men were caught and arrested in an auto repair shop near Everett’s Evergreen Way, in Western Washington. Officials seized twenty-two pounds of illicit drugs from the brothers. Eight pounds of cocaine, ten pounds of meth, and seven pounds of heroin were found at the scene.

            The Sinaloa Cartel is involved in exchanging massive amounts of guns, drugs and cash. Many times these exchanges and meetings can become extremely violent. Many murders, including the killing of Jorge A. Leal-Sanchez are connected to the cartel. Officials and investigators kept looking into the leads related to the Sinoala drug cartel. The cartel have been distributing drugs in the Snohomish, King, Whatcom, Yakima and Franklin counties. Since the brothers arrest, officials have seized eight more pounds of cocaine, two pounds of heroin, eighteen pounds of meth, and over 20 guns (some of military class). The cost of the contraband seized totals over three hundred thousand dollars.

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