Providing Continuing Care for All Patients

Your Recovery Plan for Beating Your Meth Addiction

Schick Shadel Hospital offers professional counseling to help patients create a plan for recovery from methamphetamine addiction, relapse prevention, and a life without drugs. We help patients change their lifestyle and guide them toward non-chemical rewards and personal growth. Our patients receive support through both their recovery plan and the Schick Shadel program.

We offer intensive educational meetings for patients. Continuing Care is hospital-based and community-based in some locales, both in person and through electronic communication. Continuing Care is offered for up to two years after formal inpatient treatment is completed.

Your recovery and relapse prevention plans will help you change your lifestyle, avert relapse, and solve problems as they arise. It will help you stay away from people and places where methamphetamine is used. Your recovery plan helps you build open, honest relationships with people you know and love, creating the support that prevents relapse and strengthens recovery into permanence.

Meth Addiction Treatment Serving California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, & Idaho

Schick Shadel Hospital is a national leader in the medical treatment of addiction. Medical research demonstrates that counter conditioning, or reprogramming the mind’s associations with pleasure for the stimuli of methamphetamines, is a powerful, fast way to eliminate the overwhelming desire for it.

What are the main reasons why you should trust us with your rehabilitation?

  • Powerful and fast 10-day inpatient program
  • Over 65,000 patients treated
  • Proven highly successful for countless individuals
  • A medical hospital with 24-hour access to physicians, registered nurses, and compassionate staff