Cannabis Potency on the Rise

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In 1973, Oregon became the first state to decriminalize possession of marijuana and the use of the drug. Since then, eight states have legalized recreational use of cannabis. These states are Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, Massachusetts, Nevada, Washington D.C., and Washington State. Although the states have been legalizing marijuana for recreational use and medicinal marijuana, some of the regulations of how the cannabis is sold are unconventional. Only some cannabis dispensaries regulate the amount of marijuana that you can buy, and there is no law or guidelines for how potent the marijuana can be.

Since the legalization of marijuana, the potency of the product has more than doubled in the last ten years. The average potency of Washington state cannabis is 20% THC. Some marijuana substances sold in dispensaries, even range up from 70% – 90% THC. Some might think that the legalization of marijuana would boost the potency for street cannabis rather than dispensary cannabis. This is false. The potency of both are rising as well as the cost of the product. This is because there are no regulations in place to manage the cost and potencies of the product. Without having regulations concerning the quality and content of the product, the potency of cannabis will continue to increase as the want for and use of cannabis continues.

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