Continuing Care Program for
Marijuana Addiction

Helping Patients Build a Foundation for Successful Recovery

Counter conditioning, combined with the Schick Shadel Continuing Care Program, helps Schick Shadel patients create a plan for a successful life without marijuana. Our professional counselors work with our patients to help them change their lifestyle and solve problems in the long run.

The continuing care program helps patients build open, honest relationships with the people they love. Our goal is to help patients change their lifestyle and guide them toward personal growth and non-chemical rewards. Patients receive intensive educational meetings and counseling, as well as treatment in a medical environment.

Start Marijuana Addiction Treatment in Washington

Schick Shadel Hospital is a national leader in the medical treatment of addiction to drugs like marijuana. Medical research shows that counter conditioning, or reprogramming the mind’s pleasurable associations for the stimuli of marijuana, is a powerful way to reduce the desire for the drug.

By utilizing counter conditioning in conjunction with a carefully crafted patient post-discharge plan, we give patients the tools and resources they need to conquer their addiction and live a life free of cravings. With 65,000 patients treated, we have proven these medical methods to be highly successful.

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