Is Back-To-School Season A Good Time to Get Help For Addiction?

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The Back-To-School season is upon us and that means it’s time for parents with kids in school to reevaluate how they can best help their children in the upcoming school year. The truth is that many families are going through a tough period right now, especially if an adult member has become addicted or dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Parents who struggle with addiction may often feel guilty when their children see them struggling. They worry that their kids will think they are bad parents and want to avoid being seen with them.

However, the problem of addiction in families goes much deeper than that. Children tend to base many of their life decisions upon observing the choices their parents make. When parents drink or use drugs, this sends a message to their children that drinking or using drugs is an option in their lives.

If you are a parent that is struggling with a substance addiction, it’s time to get help.

Getting Addiction Treatment for Parents During the Back-To-School Season

It may require some effective changes in your life to avoid teaching your kids that it’s okay to fall into the same habits. If you have been diagnosed as having substance abuse disorder in the past, there are many resources available to help you overcome your problems. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Be Honest But Sensitive.

Tell your children the truth. Explain why you or your partner have been acting differently lately. This way, your children won’t assume something terrible must have happened because their mother/father isn’t acting normally. Your children need to understand that there is nothing wrong with having problems as long as you get help for them.

You don’t need to tell your children everything; just enough to explain what’s going on. Let them draw conclusions themselves as long as they aren’t too young to handle information about substance abuse. Asking your children whether they’ve noticed anything unusual could open up a conversation about alcohol or drugs.

  1. Avoid Judgmental Comments.

Try to keep any negative remarks to yourself. Remember that your children are only trying to figure out what’s happening in their lives. Trying to force them into accepting your point-of-view doesn’t accomplish much except causing friction between you two.

  1. Keep Communication Lines Open.

Talk openly with your children about your struggles with addiction. Ask them how they’re feeling and let them talk freely about their feelings. Strong family bonds are vital as a means of social support before, during, and after the recovery process.

  1. Take Care of Yourself First.

Alcoholism and drug addiction take a toll on both body and mind. Even though you may be tempted to hide your problem from others, doing so makes recovery harder. Taking time off from social activities and spending quality time alone helps you focus on getting better.

  1. Seek Professional Treatment.

There are many different options available depending on your needs. Schick Shadel has one of the most successful programs in the nation. Our 10-day program is shown to be 4-5 times more effective than other conventional treatment methods.

  1. Find Support Groups.

Support groups provide encouragement and accountability through sharing experiences with others who share similar challenges. Many local organizations sponsor meetings specifically designed to address issues related to alcoholism and drug addiction. Look online for resources near you.

  1. Know The Signs Of Relapse.

Recovery requires hard work and dedication. But even after years of sobriety, it can be easy to accidentally slip back into old habits. Knowing the warning signs of relapsing can save your relationship with your loved one. While Schick Shadel Hospital’s Aversion Therapy techniques have been shown to reduce prospects of relapse, it is still important to maintain social support networks and practice therapeutic techniques to stay in a lifestyle of recovery.

Let Schick Shadel Help You This Back-To-School Season

When parents go through rehab, they are able to change their behaviors and show their children that they can make good decisions. When they come home, they are able to model positive behavior for their children. This helps children understand the importance of making healthy choices.

If you or your loved one needs help with addiction, our team at Schick Shadel is ready to help. Give us a call at 1-(800)-CRAVING or contact us here.

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