Continuing Care Following Treatment

Drug Addiction Recovery & Relapse Prevention

Throughout treatment, Schick Shadel Hospital offers professional counseling to help patients create a plan for recovery and a life without drugs. We help patients change their lifestyle and guide them toward non-using lifestyle and personal growth. Our patients receive post discharge support through Schick Shadel graduate meetings and the sober support plan crafted with their counselor to map out the actual meetings and counseling they will attend once home.

The resources we offer include:

  • Intensive educational meetings for the patients.
  • Individual, group counseling and discharge planning through patient services.
  • Staff that is available 24 hours a day.

Alcohol Recovery for Alaska, Oregon, Washington, California, & Idaho

Schick Shadel’s treatment techniques have been developed over the course of 80 years to diminish the distress and pain of drug addiction withdrawal. During treatment, we keep in mind any medical issues that impact detox in order to ensure our patients recover safely. We also administer medications to alleviate symptoms while keeping them nutritionally healthy. Finally, post-detox care includes assessment of patients’ continuing needs as they begin recovery in our 10-day rehabilitation program.