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Congratulations on graduating from Schick Shadel Hospital’s 10-day program! When you entered our program to break the grip of addiction in your life, you also became part of our nation-wide community. Welcome!

Treatment was no small task. But it can be even more daunting to make a fresh start as old challenges resurface. Luckily, just because you have left Schick Shadel Hospital doesn’t mean that you have left our community! Although your treatment is finished, we care about our patients’ long-term recovery and we will continue to support you on your journey! You can tap into our supportive community of alumni anytime through our new app: SSH Warrior.

Our SSH Warrior app is free and available for both Androids and iPhones in their respective app stores. This app helps connect our community of alumni with real-time posts and discussions. You can learn from your peers, ask questions, be inspired by their stories, or share your own inspiration to strengthen others. As you continue to recover and rebuild your life, the SSH Warrior app provides recovery content such as videos, podcasts, and articles that others have found helpful.

Maintaining our community is a top priority, so new members must be approved by our app administrator. We make sure that only Schick Shadel alumni join so that our SSH Warrior app will continue to be a valuable resource for our community of alumni.

In addition to the home page where our alumni can see discussion posts or inspirational resources, our app also provides a gratitude journal! This helps you take a mindful minute each day to reflect on the positives in your life or look back on positive moments from the past. You can choose whether your gratitude journal entries are public or private, so you’re in control of your own information.

You don’t have to fight through sobriety alone. Download the SSH Warrior app today to connect with other warriors and receive daily support in your journey!

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