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Rehab vs Detox

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Rehab vs detox. Whats the difference and how can they both provide addiction treatment? Although drug and alcohol detox and rehab (rehabilitation) have the same goal:

Remove harmful substance from an individual’s system and body,” there are quite a few differences.

When an individual heavily uses substances such as alcohol, drugs, opiates, etc., they become highly addicted. This is where knowing the difference between rehab vs detox is highly needed. There are two steps critical programs that individuals struggling with addiction must enter:


Detox cleanses the body from drugs and alcohol by eliminating these substances from the body over a pre-determined (short) amount of time. The goal is to remove the toxins from the body, so long-term rehabilitation can begin. This is the first step someone needs to take to enter a rehab program.

Detoxing on your own can be extremely dangerous. Why? The body has become highly
accustomed/addicted to the substance and there can be serious, even deadly side effects. We do not recommend you try detoxing on your own. Detox can cause many complications. When detoxing from a substance, an individual can go through high levels of depression and anxiety, severe mood swings, increased pulse rate, have a loss of appetite, insomnia, nausea, vomiting and even tremors, and shakiness. In more severe cases the body will result in hallucinations, fevers, severe delirium and seizures.

Detoxing alone can be fatal so it is in one’s best interest to never detox alone and only detox when accompanied by medical professionals at a verified drug and rehab hospital.

The best benefit for detoxing at a drug and rehab certified hospital, is their ability to provide you with medications that make the detox symptoms manageable and non-life threatening.


Rehab is the process of treating and combating one’s psychological and physical need for a substance for a long-term, addiction free life. Rehab programs should treat both the physiological and psychological aspects of the disease. There are many rehab programs. It is often difficult to choose what rehab program is the best program. There are 12-step programs, AA and many others. The rehab program you choose will likely determine the success or failure for your long-term addiction results. It is important to do you homework. The high failure rate for most rehab programs is very concerning.

Schick Shadel treats addiction as a medical condition, not a moral failure. Over the past 80 years, they have utilized scientific evidence and research to create the longest running U.S. addiction rehab and detox program. They have treated over 80,000 patients using Aversion Therapy, a form of counter conditioning. The success rate is nearly 70% (*a study showed that 69% of patients were sober 12 months after treatment.) Schick Shadel’s rehab program is also unique, it is only 10 days (not including detox) to complete the rehab program. Because it is treated as a medical condition, both the physiological and psychological are medically addressed by medical doctors and professionals.

Detox vs rehab? You don’t have to choose Schick offers both! To learn more about Schick Shadel’s detox and rehab program, call us at 1-800-CRAVING or fill out an inquiry at www.schickshadel.com

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