Surviving Detox: Reason #2 to Never Detox Alone

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Reason #2 to Never Detox Alone

Although the detox process for most drugs is extremely uncomfortable and painful, it isn’t fatal. However, alcohol detox is particularly dangerous and, too often, deadly. With the widespread use of alcohol1 and drugs throughout the U.S., learning the safest way to detox might save yourself or a friend from making a deadly mistake.

Alcohol Detox  Doesn’t Have to be Deadly

The symptoms of withdrawal build up in phases as someone progresses through detox. One of the more rare but serious withdrawal symptoms is delirium tremens. This is where people experience seizures and potential heart failure before they die.

Two high-profile examples of this are the cases of actor Nelsan Ellis2 and singer Amy Winehouse.3 In each case, they attempted to detox from their alcohol addiction alone at home. They progressed through detox until they experienced delirium tremens, which resulted in seizures and heart failure. The unfortunate reality about these cases is that they most likely didn’t have to be fatal. If they had detoxed at a medical facility, they would have been monitored and given medications. That means they most likely would have survived detox and received help to overcome their alcohol addictions.

Many people around the country suffer more than they need to as they detox from drugs and alcohol. With so much medical expertise available today, there’s no reason for someone to feel tortured during their detox process!

Medical Approach to Detoxification Can Mitigate Withdrawal Symptoms

Unlike what someone might do at home, detoxing in a medical environment like Schick Shadel Hospital is not just a typical “cold turkey cutoff and hunker down for the side-effects” kind of process. The medical approach for detoxification involves continually monitoring and administering medical treatment while a person experiences withdrawal symptoms.

Schick Shadel Hospital’s medical detox treatment provides patients with a safe, comfortable transition through the addiction withdrawal period. Their detox treatment is directed by physicians that are certified in addiction medicine. In addition, registered nurses with many years of training and experience provide compassionate care for patients. Schick Shadel Hospital’s detox program uses safe techniques aimed at diminishing and alleviating the discomfort of addiction withdrawal.

Detox is Not the End of Recovery

The path to long-term sobriety and total remission of addictive behaviors can take years of work. Unfortunately, cleansing drugs or alcohol from your body doesn’t eliminate the addiction. Addiction is the result of the brain being altered by harmful substances and becoming dependent on them. To learn more about how to have a lasting recovery from addiction and “retrain your brain,” CLICK HERE.


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