How to Detox: Alcohol Inpatient Program

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Alcohol Inpatient Program

How Do You Detox?

Alcohol and drug addiction is a serious disease that usually cannot be self-treated. Unfortunately, some people still believe that addiction is a moral issue that can be overcome through moral will-power. However, researchers from the National Institute on Drug Abuse view addiction differently. Experts assert that “drug addiction is a complex disease and quitting usually takes more than good intentions or a strong will. Drugs change the brain in ways that make quitting hard, even for those who want to.”1

Many people are drawn to the low cost of self-detox at home. On the contrary, you must understand that detoxing alone is extremely risky! First, between 5-25% of people who go through extreme alcohol withdrawal die.2 Second, those who don’t die or give up in the detox phase often relapse or struggle for years stay sober.

Join an Alcohol Inpatient Program

Get professional help from an alcohol inpatient treatment program to avoid the risks of detoxing alone. The 10-day treatment at Schick Shadel Hospital uses safe detoxification techniques aimed at diminishing and alleviating the discomfort of addiction withdrawal. Some of the benefits of their program include:

  • Administration of medications to ease the symptoms of withdrawal
  • Personalized attention to nutritional repair
  • Evaluation of any other medical problems
  • Assessment of ongoing needs following detox

The inpatient program at Schick and Shadel Hospital has helped over 88,000 patients overcome addiction with great success during their 83 years of service. Schick Shadel Hospital has the #1 success rate in the U.S. for treating alcoholism. After finishing the 10-day rehabilitation, 69% of patients are still sober a year later!3

Addiction Can Happen to Anyone

The scariest part of the addiction disease: it can happen to anyone. Even worse, one person’s addiction can affect more than just yourself. Take it from Jess in Washington. She married her high-school sweetheart 13 years ago and they have a family with three kids. Somewhere along the way, her husband became “consumed by alcohol.” Next, he began pushing his loved ones away and Jess could see her family begin to unravel. However, she knew he could beat his addiction with the right help. She asked him to go to Schick Shadel Hospital.

After completing the 10-day treatment, Jess said that Schick Shadel “gave him a chance to be well again and saved our family.” Even more impressive, her husband has been sober for over 22 months and is still going strong!

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