Crucial Info About Benzos Detox

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Crucial Info About Benzos Detox

Benzodiazepines (also known as Benzos) are drugs that are commonly used for conditions such as anxiety, seizures, insomnia, muscle relaxation, anesthesia, and alcohol withdrawal. The difficulty with Benzos is that they are highly addictive and after a few months of taking the medication, it is difficult to stop cold turkey. Benzos tend to bring quick relief and the body often develops a tolerance to the drug over time. Therefore, it becomes necessary for users to take higher doses to experience the same effect. This results in drug addiction and the need for medically-supervised benzos detox.

Being able to discontinue the drug is not straightforward. Unfortunately, benzos detox usually brings difficult withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms that can come during benzos detox often include agitation, insomnia, and depression. Serious side effects can include hallucinations, seizures, and suicidal ideation. Medically-supervised benzos detox is necessary to wean one off of these highly addictive drugs.

What Does a Safe and Effective Benzos Detox Program Look Like?

Schick Shadel hospital offers a safe and effective detox program that is supervised by physicians seven days a week with 24-hour nursing care. They will medically treat your withdrawal symptoms – keeping you comfortable while you detox from benzos, alcohol, or other substances until you are no longer symptomatic. Your detox period is usually three to seven days – based on your individual needs and the substance being used.

The medical detoxification techniques used at Schick Shadel Hospital include:

  • The administration of medications to counteract the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal, safely.
  • Evaluation of any other medical problems.
  • Personalized attention to nutritional repair.
  • Assessment of ongoing needs following detox.

Where To Go for Detox

Schick Shadel Hospital has specialized in treating patients for drug and alcohol detox and addiction since 1935. It is the only drug and alcohol rehab hospital in the U.S. that utilizes Aversion Therapy. Schick Shadel Hospital is the most successful and safe rehabilitation program in the U.S. Several major insurances cover detox and addiction treatment. Over 88,000 individuals have been able to reclaim their lives through their scientifically proven treatments. To learn more about their 10-day drug and alcohol detox program, CLICK HERE. Give them 10 days and they will give you back your life, by being addiction-free!



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