Addiction Treatment Goes Beyond Detox

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Things are starting to improve. Companies are getting back to business and many are heading to the office. With getting back to normal, many people have realized that they need detox and treatment to feel normal again. The stress and events of the past year have exacerbated debilitating addictions such as alcohol or drug abuse for many unsuspecting professionals. Detox centers are seeing a high volume of inquiries. However, a short detox stay is only the first step to recovery. Addiction treatment goes beyond detox. A full addiction treatment program is important to supporting long-lasting addiction recovery.

Why Do You Need More Than Detox?

A detox program typically lasts 3-7 days. It is important to go through the detox process under medical supervision. Otherwise, the withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous potentially life-threatening. The detox process itself is a way of not only riding the body of harmful drug or alcohol substances. Detox also alleviates withdrawal symptoms. This is done through medication administration and medical guidance and supervision. However, just because someone has gone through the detox process, it does not mean that the underlying issues that are causing the addiction has been resolved. Rehabilitation beyond detox helps ensure a full recovery.

What Does A Full Addiction Treatment Program Entail?

A full addiction treatment program for drug and alcohol addictions consists of detox, aversion therapy (a form of counter conditioning), sedation therapy, individual counseling, and group/educational lectures. The purpose of an effective addiction treatment program is to allow the body to rid itself of the drugs that are in it and safely complete the withdrawal process.  In addition to detoxification, it’s vital for long-term recovery that the patient addresses and removes the underlying cravings that bring addictive behavior. As a person goes through a full addiction recovery treatment program, they are better able to face the issue and are armed with the necessary tools to succeed.

Where Do You Turn For A Full Addiction Treatment Program?

Schick Shadel Hospital is a specialized drug and alcohol rehab hospital and has been treating patients for drug and alcohol addiction for 85 years. It is the only drug and alcohol rehab hospital in the U.S. that utilizes Aversion Therapy. Schick Shadel Hospital’s program is the most successful and safe rehabilitation program available. It’s covered by major insurances. Over 88,000 individuals have been able to reclaim their lives through their scientifically proven treatments. To learn more about their 10-day drug and alcohol detox program, CLICK HERE. Give Schick Shadel Hospital 10 days and they will give you back your life, by being addiction-free!

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