Cocaine Laced with Acetylfentanyl Leads to Two Deaths in King County

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Earlier this month, health officials in King County reported that two women died after using cocaine laced with acetylfentanyl, a powerful synthetic opiate. Health officials are now increasing their warnings to others about how dangerous this drug is, and the dangerous cocaine side effects. The results were enough for Public Health — Seattle & King County to issue a warning regarding the cocaine addictions, as well as acetylfentanyl, an opiate that is five times more powerful than heroin. The last known death involving acetylfentanyl in King County occurred in 2015.

Acetylfentanyl is not the same as fentanyl, a very common new painkiller that has been linked to the death of Prince. Three months ago in Seattle, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) raided a possible fentanyl lab. This was after more than 700 people lost their lives as a result of fentanyl overdoses from 2013 to 2015. The lab was reportedly cutting their heroin with fentanyl. While fentanyl is a prescribed drug, acetylfentanyl is a synthesized opiate made in laboratories. It is less susceptible to Narcan, the opiate antidote used to reverse heroin side effects. In order for Narcan to work on individuals who use acetylfentanyl, the dosage may need to be increased.

Last fall, there was a health advisory issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) following reports of deaths throughout the nation related to acetylfentanyl and fentanyl use. Details about the two women were not released, but officials did say that the woman inhaled—or snorted—the drug and they suspect that the women used the same batch of the drug.

Earlier this month, we posted a blog about a family dealing with fentanyl addiction as their son had become addicted. It impacted their entire lives. The blog detailed some of the many struggles that these individuals face from health problems to the damages on relationships. We detailed how it is usually prescribed and why, but it also leads to serious addictions and long-term effects. It is supposed to be used by individuals who suffer from severe pain, but others have found a way to use it to fuel their drug addiction.

Unfortunately, the use of acetylfentanyl, fentanyl, and other strong opiates by non-prescribed users is becoming more and more of an epidemic. With the ease that these drugs can be acquired, the potential risks of fatal overdoses increases for those who use it. This is a situation that has gone on for far too long. For individuals who may be addicted to opiates, know that there is hope to overcome the battle you are facing and there is a way to change your life. With the right team on your side, you can accomplish your goals and live the sober life you deserve.

At Schick Shadel, we have helped more than 80,000 people in our 80+ years of operation, including those suffering from opiate addiction. We make it a point to provide our patients with the best possible care so they know they are being looked after in a facility where they can succeed and walk away from this situation in the most favorable position. You deserve to have a chance at a sober life and our team wants to be the one to give you it. You can call us today to learn more about our programs and our treatment, or even get started on the path to recovery. Call our opiate addiction treatment center today.

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