Cocaine Addiction in The Workplace

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Cocaine Addiction in the Workplace

Cocaine addiction is an all too common phenomenon in today’s society, with many people turning to it as a way to deal with stress and overcome problems at work.

While some may initially mistake cocaine’s effect as beneficial, they later find that it is actually a very dangerous drug that can affect a person’s health and wellbeing.

Cocaine use and other illicit drugs not only lead to addiction, but also to depression, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, and many other more severe health issues.

There are many stigmas surrounding people with a substance use disorder. While many often portray people with addictions as being unkempt or unproductive. However, there is one environment in which cocaine abuse can appear differently: the workplace.

Why Do People Use Cocaine During the Workday?

According to the Nation Safety Council, between 1% and 2% of American adults in the workforce reported having used cocaine or other illicit drugs within the last month.

The problem of cocaine in the workplace is a serious one. For individuals in employment settings who find themselves overworked or overstressed, the abuse of cocaine can easily become a part of everyday life, especially when we are not aware of it.

From a societal standpoint, people would commonly use cocaine in a recreational sense. Over the past several years, this drug has surfaced more in the workplace by adults who wanted the same energetic and happy effect during the day.

Recently, though, there has been a new surge in cocaine use for no apparent purpose other than to get through the workday: some people have been reported sniffing or snorting cocaine to keep themselves awake, and another few have been found using it to help them focus on their work.

The Danger of Cocaine Addiction

Regardless of the initial reason for using cocaine, many people find themselves in an even worse circumstance than before. Drug addictions have a natural tendency to rewire the brain to need more of that substance to achieve the same effect.

Many people may not realize how dangerous it really is until they are addicted and have to face the reality of having to deal with the consequences.

How Cocaine Addiction Affects the Workplace

Drug and alcohol addiction never affects just a single person. People who engage in drug abuse in the workplace will likely exhibit signs and/or behaviors that negatively affect the work environment.

The effects of cocaine addiction have shown decreases in productivity, more accidents in the workplace, aggressive behavior or violence, and compromised attendance rates.

If left unchecked without any behavioral intervention, cocaine abuse has the potential to destroy a peaceful work environment. Drug and alcohol abuse will always inhibit productivity, and cause significant health problems for employees.

It may be impossible to completely deny the reality of cocaine addiction. However, we can fight back against the effects it has on our lives through the power of recovery.

Let Schick Shadel Help with our Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program

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