The Impact of “Social Drinking”

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I experienced how deeply alcohol and drugs are ingrained into “college culture” while I went to college in Washington. I couldn’t shake the addiction alone and I sought help at a local hospital in Washington (in Seattle). They helped me get my life back!

College in Washington Started It All

Alcohol was a social thing at first. Halfway through freshman year I started drinking three to four times a week. And when I say drinking, I don’t mean a glass of wine or a couple beers. I was drinking shots on shots on shots, chugging beers and taking pulls from any offered bottle. I puked from over-consumption most nights and ended up so hungover. I was barely living when I showed up to my 8 am Anthropology lecture. I had never been a huge drinker until college, but the parties, my friends and social anxiety all heavily influenced my drinking. I just wanted to lose control, feel care free and live up to the “college experience.”

My drinking often lead to stupid decisions, like showing up to many lectures still a little out of it and waking up to see my bank account was at an all-time low. This was the result from late night drunchies (drunk munchies) and the highly persuasive smells wafting from the late-night hotdog stand. The nighttime runs to the gas station to buy more booze just exacerbated the problem. My impaired judgment never lead me to hard drugs. However, many of my close friends started craving the highs of cocaine, LSD, and ‘shrooms. In the fraternity room it was common to see people lined up to snort cocaine and then show up completely wasted to concerts put on by the college community.

Some people might say “WELL THAT’S THE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE.” I can assure you, that is NOT the college experience. College is supposed to be the best time of your life, where you go to gain further knowledge and excel to become a future scholar and professional.


Then why was it so hard to stay on track and focused? PEER PRESSURE. Hazing is a huge deal in most colleges. If you go out and you don’t want to drink, or you just want to sip, then you’re perceived as lame and uptight.

“You’re way cooler when you drink”  

“You’re a lot more fun when you’re drunk”

“So you don’t want to chug that solo cup of vodka? Wow, I didn’t know you were so uptight.”

Time after time I’d see many of my peers being pressured into drinking and when I would speak out to stop this madness I’d get responses like this: “They usually drink more than that. They can handle it.”

I Needed Drug Rehab

My drinking got worse and was affecting my health. After a long night of drinking and then a day full of lectures, I couldn’t do much but take a nap after class. Going to the gym seemed impossible. My breathing became so shallow and working out just left me even more exhausted. The drinking started affecting my mental and physical health.

I knew that I needed help. Detoxing and rehab at Schick Shadel really helped me regain my strength and life back. I learned I don’t need to drink to be myself or let loose. I was already an amazing individual being me (sober) and no one could change my mind after I got the help I needed!

Best Drug Treatment Hospital in Washington

Schick Shadel Hospital has helped more than 88,000 people in the past 80 years using a medical approach to beat addictions for drugs such as opiates, alcohol, cocaine, benzodiazepines, and amphetamine. They are ranked #1 in the US with 69% of patients still sober 12 months after treatment. On top of being the best drug treatment hospital in Washington, patients have actually come from all around the country seeking the best help from Schick Shadel. When you are choosing a drug treatment hospital in Washington, you want to be confident that you will be happy there. That’s why it’s comforting to know that patients gave Schick Shadel top ratings for their experience in 2017! Check out how Schick Shadel stacks up for patient experience here. 

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