I Am Better At My Job Since I Quit Drinking

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All the stress surrounding the holidays, the pandemic, work, family, and life can be hard to deal with. Some people relieve their stress through exercise, reading, or meditation. In addition, relief is often sought through drinking. As the stress mounts, people find themselves reaching for the bottle and drink their sorrows away. Before they know it, nearly every aspect of their life is being negatively impacted such as family relationships, work relationships, productivity, you name it. Finding a way to cut ties with the bottle will significantly improve home life and career life.

4 Ways That Stopping Drinking Makes You Better At Your Job

  1. Enhanced Productivity

Consistently drinking causes you to wake up tired, groggy, and less-than-ready to take on the workday. Studies have shown that heavy drinking the night before impacts an individual’s cognition, memory, attention, coordination, and driving the next day. Nipping the drinking habit will enhance productivity by allowing a clear mind, sharp memory, and full control over your body.

  1. Mastery of Self

Being able to say no and stay in control is empowering. On the other hand, being addicted to alcohol can be defeating and make a person feel as though it controls them instead of the other way around. Conquering the habit of drinking proves that you are capable, strong, and don’t need to rely on alcohol to get through the day.

  1. Improved Focus

Would you rather focus on when your next drink is or what it takes to catapult your job to the next level? Stopping drinking will free up precious focus and allow you to put that energy where it will do the best. As a result, having a sharp mind for creativity and problem-solving will help you stand out in the workplace and provide opportunities like never before.

  1. Decreased Stress

Imagine how much better you would feel with a focused, clear, and sharp mind. Your personal productivity at work would increase and you could feel in control of yourself. You are in command of your schedule and don’t have to worry about when your next drink is. Your boss is happy and co-workers rave about the great work that you are doing. As a result of quitting drinking, you are in power and not the bottle.

How Therese Took Her Career to New Heights   

“I love a good celebration –and this year I have something huge to celebrate . . . five years of sobriety! As I experienced life’s ups and downs, alcohol seemed to help me cope with my anxieties and stress. But I reached a point when I realized that if I stayed on the path that I was on, something bad was bound to happen – the loss of relationships, an accident, or serious damage to my health. I knew that if I could find a way to quit drinking, only good would come of it. I also knew I couldn’t do it alone.

One day, I decided to call Schick Shadel Hospital. I learned that their ten-day program was a good fit for me and I got the help I needed. I lost the cravings for alcohol so I could focus on my prescribed aftercare plan –which included seeing a counselor regularly. I’m so happy to be free of alcohol and the grip that it had on me. It was the best gift I have ever given myself! Every area of my life has improved dramatically – including my relationships with my family and friends and my real estate career has soared to new heights. It is such a wonderful feeling to be living life with the clarity that I now have. Thank you Schick Shadel Hospital – for giving me my life back!” – Therese

What Are The Next Steps?

Right now, it may feel like overcoming alcohol addiction is impossible. Although you have tried several different options, you still can’t beat it. At Schick Shadel Hospital, we can help restore the hope of overcoming alcohol addiction! Schick Shadel’s addiction recovery program has helped thousands of people reclaim their life from alcohol addiction. Schick Shadel Hospital is a specialized drug and alcohol rehab hospital and has been treating patients for drug and alcohol addiction for 85 years. It is the only drug and alcohol rehab hospital in the U.S. that utilizes Aversion Therapy. Schick Shadel is the most successful rehabilitation program in the U.S. To learn more about our detox program or the 10-day drug and alcohol addiction treatment, CLICK HERE. Give us 10 days and we will give you back your life, addiction-free!



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