Alcohol Withdrawal & Why You Shouldn’t Detox Alone

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When someone is addicted to alcohol, they actually depend on it for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, if they decide to stop drinking, they go through the stage of alcohol withdrawal in which the body displays symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, nausea, mood swings, shakiness, and more. This is because the body is no longer receiving what it is used to and the dependency is being threatened and an alcohol detoxification is hard to endure and shouldn’t be done unaccompanied.

Because these symptoms can be difficult to endure, our team at Schick Shadel encourages anyone who wants to stop drinking to not go through this process alone. There are some ways that we can provide treatment to help you deal with the symptoms that come along with withdrawals. This includes monitoring the symptoms, providing medication if necessary, testing for problems that may occur, and sedation if required.

When we provide drug and alcohol treatment for withdrawals, we aim to reduce the impact the symptoms have on a patient. We also work to prevent complications that may arise due to the consumption of alcohol and help you avoid relapsing.

There are many people who feel that they can endure alcohol detoxification and withdrawal, as well as any other substance withdrawal,  alone. While it may be possible, it is not recommended because some situations such as depression or seizures — in severe cases — can be very difficult to experience. You should consult with our alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation center to learn what we can do for you that could ease the symptoms.

Schick Shadel has been helping people for over 80 years. In this time, we have guided more than 80,000 people to a better life free of addiction. You shouldn’t have to endure the difficult times alone. We can provide you with the drug and alcohol treatments you need to not only get through withdrawals, but also move forward past the need for alcohol.

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