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10 Years Sober

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Wes’s Story of Success

Wes, a former patient at Schick Shadel Hospital, started a blog called Wes at Schick over ten and a half years ago. He writes about his personal experiences from when he went through aversion therapy treatment for his alcohol addiction, and the months and years following his treatment. Wes has now been sober for 11 years!

One year after treatment, Wes was still benefitting from Schick Shadel’s aversion therapy and sedation rehab. He hadn’t had a single craving for alcohol. Instead of spending money on alcohol, Wes began traveling, attending concerts, and generally seeking some amazing adventures!

After two years of sobriety, Wes still didn’t have any cravings for alcohol. He chose to celebrate his two years of sobriety by attending a meeting at Schick Shadel to share his recovery story. After five years, Wes still hadn’t had a single craving for a drink. In 2013, Wes hung out with some friends in London. His friends drank a few drinks while Wes sipped on some tonic water. Eventually, the small wafts from his friends’ drinks triggered Wes’ aversion. The hints of alcohol made Wes feel nauseous and sick. The aversion therapy treatment from Schick Shadel Hospital was still working.

Over ten years later, Wes is still sober. He loves his life. Without his treatment at Schick Shadel Hospital, he would have missed out on the better life that he has found!

Aversion Therapy

The goal of aversion therapy is to eliminate bad habits or self-destructive behaviors by paring the behavior with an unpleasant stimulus.1 Since addictions to alcohol or drugs change the user’s brain structure and function,2 addiction treatment usually requires a medical approach. Aversion therapy is very effective for addiction treatment because it helps patients “unlearn” or remove their addiction with reconditioning that retrains the brain.

Schick Shadel Hospital has utilized a medical approach to help more than 80,000 people overcome drug or alcohol addiction throughout the past 80 years. We have the highest success rate in the country for helping patients become sober for the long term. One year after our aversion therapy treatment, 69% of our patients are still sober!3 Many of them stay sober for the rest of their lives and never crave alcohol or drugs again. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call us at (800) 272-8464 to speak with one of our intake specialists. They can teach you more about our counter-conditioning metho. You can also send us a confidential message online to begin your process of seeking help. Your information is always 100% confidential. Click here to CONTACT US.



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