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A Patient’s Perspective: 10 days. Really?

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Alcohol Treatment Patient

“Give us 10 days and we’ll give you back your life.” Do you remember the Schick Shadel Hospital radio and television ads when Pat O’Day talked about these all-important ten days?

Well, in 10 days Schick can remove the cravings. Read the scientific evidence done on alcoholics showing changes in craving-related brain activity via fMRI imaging both before Schick treatment and after.

But Schick Shadel Hospital’s 10-day treatment program is only the beginning of its patient success stories.

According to Phil Herink, CEO of Schick: “The truth is that the journey really begins after they complete the initial 10 days of treatment. We design an aftercare program tailored to meet the individual patient’s needs. It includes returning to Schick for a 30- and 90-day reinforcement treatment session that lasts two days. It may also include a referral to a counselor, or attending a Schick alumni support group or other support group in their community.”

Sometimes Schick has patients who relapse and return to treatment. One of the most common themes that comes up over and over for those who have relapsed is that they failed to follow their aftercare plan.

Every Friday Phil hosts a roundtable meeting with all of Schick’s patients. He starts the meeting by reinforcing what they have learned from their care team providers: “Once the patient goes back out into the world, it’s important that they follow their aftercare program to help heal any underlying psychological issues that may be preventing them from staying sober.”

Personally, I had lots of issues I needed to work on. But I couldn’t because I couldn’t stop drinking. By the end of my binge-drinking career, I wasn’t focused on important issues like my health or my marriage. All I was focused on was how I was going to get my next drink, how I could drink without anyone knowing what I was doing (what a joke—like I was kidding anybody), how I would recover from those drinks, then getting my next drink, around and around and around. I couldn’t work on my issues because my brain and my life had no room for them – such a vicious cycle.  

What the 10 days at Schick did for me was take away my cravings so that I could work on other things. While there, my counselors and I developed my aftercare plan—aka discharge treatment plan. I won’t bore you with the details, but I followed it and have remained sober since 2005. Having tried just about everything to get and stay sober, I KNOW that without Schick to get me started, I never would have been able to concentrate on my issues. I was that far gone. The Schick treatment moved alcohol totally out of the way and allowed me the freedom and clear mindedness to move forward with my life.

10 days is just the beginning. And it begins with Schick Shadel Hospital.

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