Recovery & Relapse Prevention Plans

In addition to counter conditioning treatment, Schick Shadel’s Nationally-Certified Addiction Therapists help each patient create a plan for recovery, relapse prevention, and a life without alcohol. Individual and group counseling help patients change their lifestyle and guide them toward real rewards not found in alcohol. Our patients receive support through both their recovery plan and the Schick Shadel program.

What is involved in the plan for long-term recovery?

The recovery plan will help you change your lifestyle, solve problems as they arise, and stay away from people and places where alcohol is used. Your recovery plan will also help you build open, honest relationships with people you know and love.

Relapse prevention is addressed through education, skills training, and various psychological techniques. At Schick Shadel, we’re devoted to more than your physiological well-being. We are devoted to your long-term success as both a recovering patient and as a human being. The most crucial project in rehabilitation is building a rich, rewarding life for yourself apart from alcohol. Our program gives you the resources and support to do exactly that.

Advanced Alcohol Rehabilitation in Seattle, WA

Schick Shadel is a fully-equipped medical hospital staffed by medical doctors, registered nurses, and deeply compassionate and skilled staff, and our treatment is not based on any 12-Step program. Because we see addiction as a medical condition, we treat each patient with dignity and understanding, knowing that their body’s physiology is not a conscious choice.

We directly address the patient’s body’s physiological reaction to alcohol as a result of the addiction. By doing so, we are attacking alcohol addiction at the root, allowing patients to recover without the weight of constant cravings on their shoulders. We want our patients to spend their time and energy rebuilding their lives and relationships, not just spending it fighting off cravings that they cannot shut off through willpower or rational thinking.

For more information on our 10-day treatment and detoxification process, or to schedule a consultation, call (888) 802-4206.