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Therese’s Story of Success

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My Schick Story Testimonial

Yes, It Is Possible!

My Schick Story:

I love a good celebration – and this year I have something huge to celebrate… five years of sobriety! As I experienced life’s ups and downs, alcohol seemed to help me cope with my anxieties and stress. But I reached a point when I realized that if I stayed on the path that I was on, something bad was bound to happen-the loss of relationships, an accident or serious damage to my health. I knew that if I could find a way to quit drinking, only good would come of it. I also knew I couldn’t do it alone. One day I decided to call Schick Shadel Hospital. I learned that their ten-day program was a good fit for me. I got the help I needed. I lost the cravings for alcohol so I could focus on my prescribed aftercare plan –which included seeing a counselor regularly. I am so happy to be free of alcohol and the grip that it had on me. It was the best gift I have ever given myself! Every area of my life has improved dramatically – including my relationships with my family and friends and my real estate career has soared to new heights. It is such a wonderful feeling to be living life with the clarity that I now have.

Thank you Schick Shadel Hospital –for giving me my life back!

– Therese

Schick Shadel 10-Day Program

The 10-day stay is a manageable timeframe; much less disruptive to the patient’s home and work life. People have busy lives and they appreciate Schick Shadel doctors, nurses and counselors who help them quickly get down to the core objective of recovery within a shorter schedule than what you find with lengthier rehab programs.

If the distraction of cravings has sabotaged your recovery success or that of someone you care about, Schick Shadel’s treatment modality is absolutely worth considering. While there may not be a “one size fits all” treatment for substance use disorders, we greatly value Schick Shadel Hospital’s successful alternative treatment program that continually provides a great solution for our clients.

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