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Randy’s Schick Story

By January 14, 2020 January 20th, 2020 No Comments

As a business man constantly on the go with travel and presentations, I remember seeing an ad for Schick Shadel Hospital and thinking “If I ever need to go to an alcohol treatment center, that would be the place.”

Years later when business ans personal problems excalated along with my drinking, my family perfomred an intervention. At first I resisted the idea that I needed help but then I did what I had known all along I needed to do, I called Schick. Witihin hours, I booked a flight to Seattle and didn’t tell anyone. I just disappeared for ten days.

My treatment at Schick helped me lose my cravings so I could beat the alcohol demon. After going through the program, which included education and counseling sessions, I was ready to return home and I felt confident I could win back my loving wife and family, as well as take charge and operate my business with a clear mind and to once again become the “Randy” we all know.

Now eight years later, I’m still free. I have a beautiful family and a thriving business. The pressures are still there, but I’m dealing with all of it in a sober state, and it feels great!

If you think you need help, do yourself a favor, call Schick and get your life back!

-Randy W.

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