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Pat O’ Day’s Schick Story

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Pat O Day Schick Shadel Patient Stories

Yes, It’s True … Glen Campbell Was Once a Beach Boy.

I was once the nation’s biggest concert promoter-
which included so many wonderful days and evenings with friends like Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Led Zeppelin and the great Beach Boys. Sadly, three of the Beach Boys in the photo, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson and Glenn Campbell have passed away – as only Mike Love and I remain alive. But still, a surprise to many is that Glenn Campbell, prior to achieving giant personal fame on his own, was one of the Beach Boys on concert tours because Brian Wilson hated to fly.

Yes, It’s Also True…

That I’m still alive at age 85 – after years of heavy, heavy drinking – lots of cocaine, weed – you name it. Sure it was all just rock and roll, but luckily, many years ago, some friends saved my life by sending me to Schick Shadel Hospital. After the stunning ten-day treatment, I walked out sober to never touch anything and never miss it for a second. Truly, it was as simple as that! And what Schick did for me, they can do for you.

You know what problem I’m talking about. Just fess up and say “yeah, alcohol or drugs are getting the best of me and I just can’t seem to quit on my own.”

Yes, we are indeed fortunate to have a remarkable treatment center like Schick available to us – leading the nation in total success ratio by using a treatment method that you can’t get anywhere else. Now many leading Seattle employers are relying on the ten-day program to save jobs, families and futures! Make the confidential call to find out if your insurance covers treatment at Schick.

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