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Jenny and Scott’s Story of Success

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Couple Jenny and Scott talk about Schick Shadel Hospitals unique and valuable program

Carefrontations 30 Year Journey with Schick Shadel

For thirty years Carefrontations, our intervention and transport practice, has guided those in difficult situations dealing with diverse dysfunctions to reach the turning point of accepting help and creating hope for change in their lives. Schick Shadel Hospital has been the right match for many of our clients who entered treatment to begin their wellness journey.

From our perspective, Schick Shadel Hospital has a unique and valuable niche. Their effective treatment program offers patients freedom from their negative and harmful cravings. Their approach is scientific, using counterconditioning to retrain the brain and sedation therapy to uncover underlying issues. This comprehensive method is at the heart of what sets Schick Shadel’s treatment apart from other programs.

Schick Shadel 10-Day Program

The 10-day stay is a manageable timeframe; much less disruptive to the patient’s home and work life. People have busy lives and they appreciate Schick Shadel doctors, nurses and counselors who help them quickly get down to the core objective of recovery within a shorter schedule than what you find with lengthier rehab programs.

If the distraction of cravings has sabotaged your recovery success or that of someone you care about, Schick Shadel’s treatment modality is absolutely worth considering. While there may not be a “one size fits all” treatment for substance use disorders, we greatly value Schick Shadel Hospital’s successful alternative treatment program that continually provides a great solution for our clients.

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