Medical Treatment for Opiate Addiction

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Schick Shadel’s OxyContin and prescription opioid addiction treatment program addresses the biological and medical causes of addiction in addition to its psychological and environmental causes. The goal of the treatment is to neutralize the drug hunger/cravings that develop with the repeated use of a highly-addictive drug like an opioid. Patients can expect to eliminate cravings, or at the least have them significantly reduced with counter conditioning treatments. Free of cravings, the patient can comfortably complete recovery and effectively use relapse prevention strategies.

Rehabilitation Focused on Your Recovery

Schick Shadel Hospital is staffed 24 hours a day by experienced medical professionals. The doctors are American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) certified specialists and/or American Board of Medical Specialist (ABMS) certified. Our Opiate treatment program provides medical treatment and substance use counseling simultaneously, in order to address the issues surrounding addiction.

The Schick Shadel treatment program can be completed in 10 days after complete detoxification (typically 6 days after the last dose of opioid, depending upon clinical clearance). During treatment, patients receive both individual and group counseling and interactive, educational lectures four times daily. 30 and 90 days post-discharge, patients return for a reinforcement “recap” session, during which they complete one of each treatment, attend lectures, receive counseling, and stay overnight. Recovery and relapse prevention plans are reviewed and updated. After these recaps, patients formally graduate from the program (unless they have special permission).

Rehabilitation interviews are a part of both initial inpatient and follow-up visit stays. These sedative-assisted hypno-therapeutic sessions assist in monitoring the aversion level, confirming patient histories, enhancing positive thoughts, and providing a relaxing and restorative respite.

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Schick Shadel is a unique chemical dependency treatment facility because we treat addiction for what it is: a neurological medical and psychosocial condition. Addiction is not a result of weak willpower or moral failure, but it is the result of the brain rewiring itself in order to desire harmful substances with the same need as food or water. Our approach forms the foundation of the services we offer, which include on-site medical detox, personalized treatment plans, counseling and support from compassionate and certified physicians and nurses.