Medical Treatment for Meth Addiction

Providing Effective Drug Rehabilitation in Seattle, WA

Treatment for methamphetamine addiction at Schick Shadel Hospital includes two unique medical (somatic) therapies. Counter Conditioning is intended to eliminate, neutralize, or extinguish the drug hunger/craving that methamphetamine users have in response to the abstinence syndrome and to cues/triggers that have developed over time. Chemical or nausea aversion conditioning is the primary form of aversion treatment used.

Faradic treatment is another form of aversion treatment. These treatments repeatedly pair an unpleasant physical and psychological experience with exposure to a methamphetamine-like substitute, drug-use ritual, and paraphernalia—without intoxication—to create an aversion to drug related cues and intrusive obsessions about the drug. Psychological covert desensitization techniques may also be used if indicated.

Rehabilitation interviews, the second stage of medical treatment, are a form of medication-facilitated hypnotherapy intended to permit confirmatory interviewing, monitor aversion development, and cue response monitoring. Patients experience these treatments as a pleasant respite from the demands of treatment and at times a source of personal insight.

Groundbreaking Meth Addiction Treatment for Alaska, Washington, Oregon, & California

Schick Shadel’s detoxification program treats patients with much needed compassion and dignity while alleviating the pain and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms during detox.

We do this by offering the following:

  • Experienced medical staff led by a physician who specializes in addiction medicine
  • Evaluation for medical issues that may impact the detox process
  • Attention to nutritional repair
  • Administration of medications to counteract symptoms
  • Attention to all recovery needs following detox