Medical Detox from Meth in Seattle

Providing a Foundation for Effective Rehabilitation

The need for medical methamphetamine detox will be reviewed by our physicians and determined on a case by case basis. It is important to understand that Schick Shadel cannot guarantee a patient will be a sober admission unless they have been clean from drugs and alcohol for 10 days.

A patient may suffer amphetamine abstinence syndrome, but this is not a medically-significant issue. There are no inherent safety issues in stopping methamphetamine use upon a medical evaluation. Generally patients may experience lethargy, energy, fatigue, hypersomnia, loss of appetite, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and/or depression.

Patients may start rehabilitation if they have not used methamphetamine for 24 hours prior to admission and have been evaluated as medically stable. Furthermore, the patient must be free from mood altering substances that may require detox (ex. alcohol, opioids, or sedative-hypnotics, such as lorazepam). Schick Shadel can treat addiction to these substances as well if necessary.

Detox from Meth No Matter Where You Live!

Schick Shadel Hospital in Seattle, Washington accepts patients from all 50 states. Our detoxification program for meth addiction offers the following services during treatment:

  • Administration of medications to counteract symptoms
  • Physical upon admission
  • Assessment of any ongoing needs following treatment
  • Physician who specializes in addiction medicine
  • Attention to nutritional repair