Seattle Medical Detox

Accepting Patients Nationwide at Our Seattle Detox Center

Detoxification treatment is the process of monitoring and administering medical treatment to a person experiencing alcohol or other drug withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms vary from moderate discomfort to life-threatening.

Schick Shadel Hospital’s medical detox treatment provides patients with a safe, comfortable transition through the addiction withdrawal period. Our detoxification treatment is directed by physicians certified in addiction medicine.

Registered nurses, with many years of training and experience, provide compassionate and supportive care for patients. This care uses safe detoxification techniques aimed at diminishing and alleviating the discomfort of addiction withdrawal.

The safe detoxification techniques used at Schick include:

  • The administration of medications to counteract the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Personalized attention to nutritional repair.
  • Evaluation of any other medical problems.
  • Assessment of ongoing needs following detoxification.

Helping Patients Recover Quickly and Safely

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