Medical Treatment for Marijuana Addiction

Utilizing Counter Conditioning to Diminish Symptoms

Schick Shadel Hospital’s groundbreaking counter conditioning program for recovering alcoholics has been adapted to meet the needs of marijuana-dependent patients. We offer both chemical counter conditioning (emetic treatment) and electric therapy counter conditioning (faradic treatment).

  • Emetic treatment is prescribed for counter conditioning in most cases, unless it is not suitable for the individual patient’s needs.
  • Faradic counter conditioning is administered for patients who are not suited for chemical counter conditioning.

In addition to counter conditioning treatment that eliminates the neurological craving for marijuana, Schick Shadel offers a range of treatment services that allow patients to rebuild a life free of addiction. Our services give patients and their loved ones the education to prevent relapse and the tools to replace the role of marijuana abuse with something the patient truly values.

Comprehensive Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Our treatment services include the following:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Educational meetings for patients
  • Rehabilitation interview (employing minimal sedation)
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Complete pharmacy and laboratory services

Our research has found that counter conditioning (retraining the memory against the pleasurable aspects of using marijuana) produces exceptional results. Schick Shadel’s #1 success rate for treating alcoholism* is the basis for our treatment programs for all other substances, including marijuana.

Our program alternates between days of counter conditioning and days of relaxation therapy, including rehabilitation interviews that use minimal sedation. The rehabilitation interviews sessions are the most popular aspect of the treatment program.

Minimal sedation helps us monitor how counter conditioning is going, while simultaneously informing us of any counseling issues we should address with the patient in the future. We also incorporate "positive affirmations" into these sessions, to reinforce the idea that life without marijuana is positive.

Serving Patients Nationwide

Schick Shadel Hospital is a national leader in the medical treatment of addiction. Our 80 years of research and experience has shown that counter conditioning can eliminate the craving for marijuana. This allows our patients to recover from their emotional and psychological dependency without the weight of physiological craving.

Over the years, we have successfully treated 65,000 patients utilizing our 10-day inpatient program, offering a medically-proven alternative to the traditional 12-step program. With 24-hour access to certified physicians, doctors, registered nurses, and compassionate staff, you won’t find a better detoxing experience or result anywhere else!

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*#1 success rate for treating alcoholism based on results of a verified survey of former patients (success being measured as total abstinence for one year and assessed by self-evaluation), as against published success rates from verified, comparable studies of other medical institutions.