Medical Detox from Marijuana

The need for medical detoxification or “detox” for marijuana withdrawal symptoms will be reviewed by our physicians and determined on a case by case basis. In general, we cannot guarantee a patient will be a sober admission unless they are 10 days clean from all drugs and alcohol.

Nationally-Recognized Marijuana Treatment Program in Seattle, WA

The symptoms of marijuana use often include a great deal of neurological issues. Because the active chemical in marijuana is stored in the fat cells, the detoxing process can take longer to complete than other drugs. Some symptoms may take up to three months to fade away, but they are all temporary.

Common symptoms include headaches, depression, insomnia, and rage. There may also be a temporary loss of concentration immediately after beginning detoxification. However, the initial detoxing process allows our patients to be monitored and guided through withdrawal with compassion and understanding.

Patient care is provided by trained medical professionals who administer medicines to counteract alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms, attend to nutritional repair, and evaluate the patient’s ongoing needs after detox. Schick Shadel's on sight medical staff is available to patients 24 hours a day, ensuring that their needs are met at any time.

Schick Shadel Hospital is a national leader in the medical treatment of addiction. Medical research indicates that counter conditioning, or reeducating the memory associated with the sight, smell, and taste of marijuana, is a medically effective way to reduce the cravings for it.

Why should you trust your rehabilitation care to us?

  • Over 65,000 patients treated in 80 Years
  • Short, effective 10-day inpatient program
  • Counter conditioning to improve the rehab process
  • Treatment and care from certified physicians and registered nurses

We offer free, private consultations to potential patients. On-site consultations include a tour of our facilities, but phone consultations are available for those who cannot visit in person. Give us 10 days – we’ll give you back your life.

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