Cocaine Detox Program in Seattle

Medical Detoxification for Cocaine Users

The need for medical cocaine detox will be reviewed by our physicians and determined on a case by case basis. In general, we cannot guarantee a patient will be a sober admission unless they are 10 days clean from all drugs and alcohol.

Cocaine addicts who have used cocaine on a frequent basis and discontinue drug use abruptly may experience abstinence syndrome, which may also be referred to as withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal Symptoms During Cocaine Detox

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms may include a short period of increased sleep, irritability, enervation, and fatigue. The patient may feel depressed and apathetic.

Most cocaine addicted patients are able to begin the 10-day treatment program the day after admission without cocaine detox services.

Schick Shadel Hospital 10-Day Inpatient Cocaine Treatment

The Schick Shadel Hospital cocaine treatment program consists of alternating days of counter conditioning and minimal sedation interviews. This alternating treatment program allows our medical staff to monitor the progress of conditioning, as well as identify any potential counseling issues.

Rehabilitation interviews are sedative-assisted sessions which permit aversion level monitoring (via questions that are asked and transcribed), history verification, and optimization of aversion development. Relaxation therapies are an adjunct to learning trigger recognition and management.

Schick Shadel’s approach to withdrawal treatment (detox) addresses the many needs of each patient, including any medical issues that would be affected by the detox process, administration of medication to counteract painful symptoms, and nutritional needs.

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