Medical Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Dependency Treatment in Seattle

The Schick Shadel Alcohol Treatment Program includes the use of behavioral modification techniques, individual counseling, education, and relaxation therapies. The behavior modification techniques may include chemical counter conditioning (emetic, or nausea based) or electrical (faradic) counter conditioning. Cognitive behavioral techniques are applied to assist in the development of an aversion and to correct self-defeating thoughts and feelings.

Through 80 years of developing our treatment methods, our research has demonstrated that counter conditioning, combined with standard treatment procedures, gets results. Counter conditioning retrains the brain to associate alcohol with displeasure or apathy. By alleviating or even eliminating cravings for alcohol, our patients can more effectively begin recovery. As a result of our methods, we have a #1 success rate for treating alcoholism*, and we have led over 65,000 patients to freedom from addiction.

Providing Highly Successful Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

Refined through many decades of treatment experience, the Schick Shadel method produces an expected abstinence rate for alcohol of around 65% after one year. This treatment method provides the foundation for our programs designed to treat cocaine, methamphetamines, marijuana, prescription opioids, and heroin addictions.

Alcohol rehabilitation at Schick Shadel consists of five days of counter conditioning, punctuated in between by four days of minimal-sedation rehabilitation interviews. These interviews, which are often highly praised by patients, allow medical staff to measure the progress of conditioning while enabling counselors to identify potential issues. Throughout treatment, patients have access to medical staff and physicians 24 hours a day.

Get the Proven Medical Treatment You Need

We provide benefits that help you safely and effectively reclaim your life from the grip of addiction. We are a full medical hospital staffed with physicians and registered nurses who are devoted to precise, compassionate care. Our unique approach to addiction treatment preserves your dignity, as we recognize addiction as a medical illness, not a problem of willpower or moral failure. As a result, we are not a 12-Step Program, but rather a medical treatment program.

Our approach has led to Schick Shadel achieving the highest success rate* for alcohol treatment of any medical facility. To begin reclaiming your life, call (888) 802-4206 for more information. We accept most insurance plans, and we offer free consultations over the phone and in person.

*#1 success rate for treating alcoholism based on results of a verified survey of former patients (success being measured as total abstinence for one year and assessed by self-evaluation), as against published success rates from verified, comparable studies of other medical institutions.