Utilizing Counter Conditioning

A Leader in Chemical Dependency Treatment*

Schick Shadel Hospital has helped 65,000 patients achieve freedom from addiction with our counter conditioning program over the course of 80 years, making us the longest-running chemical dependency treatment program in the U.S.

First developed for the treatment of alcohol addiction, counter conditioning therapy has been adapted to treat addiction to marijuana, heroin, cocaine, prescription painkillers such as oxycodone or Vicodin, and methamphetamines, or “meth.” Counter conditioning can significantly reduce the craving for drugs or alcohol in just 10 days of treatment.

Counter Conditioning (Aversion Therapy) in Washington

The Schick Shadel addiction treatment program is founded on the counter conditioning method, also known as "aversion therapy," which eliminates addiction at the root: in the neurological and physiological processes of the brain. Research findings and decades of experience demonstrate that transforming the way the brain processes drug and alcohol stimuli provides the strongest way for patients to battle addiction.

By eliminating the cravings that frequently lead to relapse, Schick Shadel treatment helps patients create recovery plans that are far more permanent and more likely to succeed in the long term. By treating addiction as a medical condition—not a moral failure—we allow patients their dignity while providing the tools to rebuild their lives.

Addiction Treatment Program After Detox

Once any necessary detoxification is complete, the treatment program includes 10 days of inpatient medical treatment and two 48-hour reinforcement visits 1 month and 3 months after initial treatment is complete.

During the 10-day stay, patients receive both counter conditioning treatment with medical supervision, and relaxing sleep therapy on alternating days. We provide individual and group counseling for patients, and we facilitate educational meetings where patients can learn about the nature and treatment of chemical dependency.

Almost 20% of addicts struggle with both a physiological addiction and a psychiatric problem, which means that treating addiction should be a comprehensive, two-part process. However, most treatment facilities only address the psychiatric factors that lead to addiction without mitigating the physiological causes. As a result, patients will spend most of their time and energy combating the physiological effects of addiction, which slows their psychiatric healing process.

At Schick Shadel Hospital, we address both the physiological and psychological components of alcohol addiction. Our aim is to help patients build a life where they do not feel the need or craving for alcohol or other chemical substances. Counter conditioning makes this possible.

Schick Shadel’s counter conditioning program breaks the stronghold of a craving and restores free will. Call (888) 802-4206.